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landingPagePerhaps the most important thin that will boost your conversion rate optimization is the copy currently on your landing page. If you’re noticing that your landing pages are struggling to turn your hundreds of thousands of visitors into leads, there’s a strong possibility it may be due to the copy. Often these are innocent mistakes made by marketers, but there is a way to potentially avoid them.

You want your copy to focus more on how your visitors/customers will benefit versus what your features are. Remember: a feature tells them what your product is all about, but the benefits are what tells them how it will benefit them. Obviously it’s important to provide some insight on your product specifications but it’s just as imperative to convey why a customer will need your product as opposed to solely focusing on what it is they’ll be getting. Knowing what your customers care about may require some additional research but the benefits-focused copy can yield tremendous results.

Stay away from copy that’s superfluous unless you’re attempting to sell a lifestyle product. Have you ever been to websites like Groupon? Their copy is straightforward and to the point, focusing on how much you can save. Stay away from filler words that only sound impressive and be prepared to make big cuts to encourage brevity if necessary.

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