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Reputation management – which is basically managing web users perception of you or your company brand name on the internet – is a fast growing field in the world of internet marketing. Brand-related search traffic encompasses nearly 50% of total search traffic for some companies and is an incredibly important tool for converting visitors into customers or clients. Managing your reputation online is arguably more important than ranking high for valuable search terms.

Corey Consulting, LLC. are experts in reputation management and know how to present your company’s brand in the best possible light on search engines, social media and review sites. Whether you are a politician running for office and want your name to be featured where people search or a business making sure your brand related search traffic is going to your company – Corey Consulting, LLC. will make your brand shine.

  •     Dominating Search Engines for Brand-Related Terms
  •     Managing Unwanted Search Listings, Images, Websites
  •     Revising Unwanted Social Media Listings
  •     Managing Review Sites to Deal with Fake Reviews and Bad Reviews


Reputation management isn’t just for business either. For those seeking ways to clean up their online reputation and manage web users perception based on social media and search engine results – reputation management is vital. Many people need brand management to keep informal pictures, articles and websites from negatively impacting their ability to get a job, apply to college, etc…