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Mistakes to Avoid When Creating Content for Social Media

The popularity of social media has skyrocketed in recent years. According to one report, the number of people using social media around the world has increased by 288 million in the past year. Given this expansion, it’s easy to see why social media marketing is critical for any business, regardless of industry. To help avoid […]

How to Write Content That Is SEO-Friendly

Making SEO-friendly content is just as crucial as producing high-quality content in today’s world of internet savvy users and quick search queries. When everything else bringing traffic to the site is equal, websites that are search engine optimized will rank higher than other rival sites because they have more authority. Here are some suggestions on […]

How to Improve the Brand of Your Small Business

A company’s brand is its public persona; it embodies the company’s values, culture, and other characteristics. Having a seasoned Miami small business internet marketing company on your side can be critical to the success of your brand. Consider the following brand-enhancing recommendations. Set Specific Goals Every organization must have a clear understanding of its objectives. […]

How SEO Services Can Help Your Business Gain a Competitive Advantage

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a widely used marketing tool to increase brand exposure among the masses. In short, the more visits or users your website receives, the better for your business. Additionally, a higher ranking on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) will help increase the credibility of your business. Here are a few examples […]

Digital Marketing Challenges and Solutions for Manufacturers

Historically, the manufacturing sector has been hesitant to adapt to digital marketing. Being a holdover from a time when digital technology was in its infancy, it is only expected that the manufacturing sector would face some difficulties. While some of these are easily resolved, others call for more effort and knowledge. Below we’ll look at […]

Simple Ways to Increase Open and Click Rates in Your Email Marketing

In today’s digital marketing landscape, email personalization has radically changed how emails are sent and received. A recent Aberdeen Group study found that personalized emails can raise click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. As a result, you must understand how to effectively target your email marketing. Here are some easy ways to […]

What Every Small Business Owner Should Know About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Every day, outdated trends are replaced by new ones. In order to keep your business competitive, you should consider incorporating SEO (Search Engine Optimization) into your marketing strategy. In recent years, SEO has become the tool of choice for marketers, as it helps in ranking their content higher on search engines, hence expanding their reach […]

3 Important Benefits of a Strong Reputation Management Strategy for Your Business

As the world’s most successful companies and individuals can attest, building a great brand takes time and work. As a brand’s trust grows, so does the capacity to draw in return customers. However, brand perceptions change throughout time. Therefore, it is vital for businesses to closely monitor and control their brand. Having a strong brand […]

In a World Dominated by Social Media, Email Still Has Sway

In today’s world of internet-first businesses and eCommerce, the benefits of email marketing mean you could be missing out on a slew of opportunities to increase traffic, target high-value audiences and enhance overall income. Email marketing can range from sending a series of automated emails as part of a campaign, to sending a single promotional […]