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At one point, one of the best ways to reach your audience was to use email marketing. While this certainly remains an effective way of reaching customers, the rate of opening an email nowadays hovers around 18%. Text messages, on the other hand, are opened about 90% of the time based on information found on the website Search Engine Land.

Even with these numbers, less than thirty percent of retail brands are taking advantage of the possibilities of SMS to boost their marketing. However, those that are include widely known names in retail like Old Navy, Nordstrom, and more.

The considerable ROI that many brands are seeing with it is one of the most persuasive reasons for using text messaging. It is a channel where costs remain low yet there is a very high rate of response. Over two-thirds of those receiving retailers’ texts have gone on to make a purchase.

The one-two punch of SMS and email can prove to be a potent combination. Email remains a powerful marketing strategy. By adding another marketing channel, you have another means of generating revenue.

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