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In case you missed the news, the business and employment-oriented LinkedIn rolled out its Stories feature. This new feature presents a fantastic opportunity for businesses and individuals to share photos and brief videos through its mobile app similarly to how Instagram does it, albeit with a much more professional focus.

LinkedIn Stories can be a maximum of twenty seconds in length and provide a useful, quick way to share insights and notable news. Much like Instagram, the Stories will only stick around for 24 hours before they disappear and they can also be customized with work stickers and text.

How are LinkedIn Stories useful in a professional context? Job seekers or industry experts, for example, may decide to share useful, temporary tips on work life in a way that doesn’t require for it to stick around perennially. The major fashion house Christian Dior Culture recently used it to share behind the scenes pictures from its shows. Career coaches may use it to share guidance and advice on the spot.

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