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Previously we talked about how Google is implementing passage-based indexing into its results, allowing it to provide better, more relevant results depending on the search query. Along with this, Google has also gone full steam ahead on its BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) technique.

Formerly used in just ten percent of search queries, BERT is now being used in just about all of them. Behind the scenes, this technique allows Google to better understand the context of a word, a huge plus for English-based searches where the same word can have entirely different meanings depending on the context.

While all that sounds useful, what does that mean for real-world applications? It means that your search engine marketing efforts can focus more on your target audience versus having to appease bots. Bots are the name for the software that goes around millions of pages each day to find out what’s new, what’s changed, and what pages provide the most relevant results.

The versatility to step away from search engine content organization could provide more freedom to produce content that suits the intent of the searcher, in the medium that is most logical to the audience.

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