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Ask someone who is married and they may tell you that it can be blissful but it may also take a lot of hard work. For every successful marriage, many unfortunately end in divorce due to a multitude of reasons. Depending on how long the marriage lasted, there may be a host of things that need to be resolved during the dissolution of the marriage. This may include child custody, shared property, and so much more.

The Miami divorce lawyers at the law firm of Rafool, LLC have considerable experience assisting clients in complex cases of divorce as well as other legal matters involving family law. Beyond divorce, the firm has handled cases such as paternity, international family law, and civil litigation matters like defamation and breach of contract.

Rafool has made its name managing high-profile celebrity divorces, but to each individual it serves, it give the same undivided focus and dedicated representation. Clients receive complete solutions, personalized advice, and representation from reputable counsel.

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