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Google recently announced a slew of new changes and enhancements to its already robust search engine. One of these is its decision to begin concentrating on ranking pages based on passages. Let’s elaborate a bit.

Chances are you’ve experienced a scenario where you’re searching for something super specific. These can prove challenging even for almighty search engines like Google since the one sentence that has what you’re looking for might be deep within a website. With Google’s recent enhancements, it can now index pages as well as individual passages on a page, which means that specific search that may require attempting to find a needle in a haystack is made much easier.

If you’re concerned about how this may affect your search engine marketing efforts, Google has made it clear that entire pages are still being indexed. However, it will also examine the individual content meaning to figure out the most relevant aspects of the page versus just the page as a whole.

Google’s changes are expected to go into effect later this year. Now is the time to make sure your content is clear and is conveying the message you’re trying to deliver to your customers and target audience.

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