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In today’s world of internet-first businesses and eCommerce, the benefits of email marketing mean you could be missing out on a slew of opportunities to increase traffic, target high-value audiences and enhance overall income.

Email marketing can range from sending a series of automated emails as part of a campaign, to sending a single promotional message about a certain topic or event. In addition to highlighting products or services, an email marketing campaign can urge customers to buy after abandoning their carts, as well as send customers exclusive offers. Your email marketing campaigns can also simply include messages to urge a purchase from an audience that has opted-in to receive your messages and updates, making them more inclined to buy from you. 

Increased traffic equals enhanced SEO, which is one of the benefits of email marketing. If you have a huge contact list, email marketing makes it quite easy to improve your SEO efforts. Even though email marketing has no direct impact on Google’s algorithmic search rankings, it can help your domain gain backlinks, which is an important SEO ranking element. Furthermore, high-quality email content can operate in tandem with your on-site material, resulting in increased keyword density.

One of the most critical aspects of marketing is establishing trust. Loyalty is based on trust. And growth comes from loyalty. But if you can’t properly reach your audience, it’s all for naught. Fortunately, email marketing allows you to establish a genuine connection with your customers.

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