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Writing to improve search engine rankings takes a lot of focus and concentration. Writing in each post should be informative and engaging, full of keywords so your post can be found online. Keywords are perhaps the most important part of writing for SEO purposes. Before you get started, you must conduct keyword research. This will help you determine what your intended audience is actually looking for. After you have those basic foundations taken care of, there are a few more things you can do to write an SEO-friendly post.


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The first thing you will want to do is ensure you use both paragraphs and headings. That is because it is far easier to read when a chunk of text is structured this way. It helps the reader understand what the text is about while navigating the article.


Do not overstuff your post with keywords. Doing so will hurt your rankings on Google. Instead, just use them a few times. The Google search engine is pretty smart and can analyze your text and pull it into rankings by scanning synonyms and other words throughout the post.


Finally, be consistent with posting. Adding blogs online often will alert Google that your website is active, pushing you further up in the rankings. If your website is deemed inactive, Google will not scan it as often. Do not post just to post, though – make sure every post is high-quality and serves a purpose.