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As a result of COVID-19, customer behavior has radically changed. Spending based on needs has increasingly replaced discretionary spending; in-store buying has been supplanted by online shopping – often with curbside pickup. And all this may once again see changes as various municipalities move to re-open businesses.

Product search is seeing tremendous evolution. In response, Google recently launched what it’s calling Rising Retail Categories, aimed at providing greater insight into current consumer interests and demand. Sharing similarities with its Google Trends tool, Rising Retail Categories provides data where users can see what the top trending products and queries are. Users can filter these results to examine trends by year, month, or even weekly.

Why is Google’s Rising Retail Categories important? The information can be used to strategize content creation, promotional campaigns, and the development of products. As a free tool, it provides valuable e-commerce insights that may help small businesses as well as brand marketing efforts.

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