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Potential concerns about privacy aside, Google is arguably the de facto resource when it comes to searching for information on virtually any topic. As people concerned about COVID-19 seek to gain more knowledge or stay up-to-date, some advertisers have taken advantage of this by presenting fraudulent ads. As an example, these ads may offer to sell people face masks or disinfecting wipes but at hugely inflated prices, of poor quality, or not fulfilling orders.

While Google has taken steps to block and remove the numerous ads geared around COVID-19—or any malicious ads for that matter—it does serve as something of a reinforcement.

Let’s say your business is providing a genuinely beneficial product or service to assist with COVID-19. Perhaps you are willing to offer discounted housing to essential workers displaced by the pandemic or you’re making hand sanitizer to sell due to the ongoing shortages. While you may think about taking the DIY approach and build your ads to promote yourself on Google, it’s easy to make a misstep and potentially run afoul of Google’s strict policies and guidelines.

Should you need help with setting up your ads for Google or other search engines like Bing, our Miami Internet marketing services can help.