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Every so often, Google performs a core update to its search engine to keep its algorithms fresh, results relevant, and it may even be to ensure search engine marketers are kept on their toes and do not become complacent. Some of these core updates may affect certain businesses more than others. The search giant recently completed another core update this month. If you’ve dealt with this in the past, you may also know that these updates can considerably affect rankings.

For those that panic when they see drops, Google itself has mentioned in the past that sometimes there isn’t anything to fix. Lower rankings may suggest otherwise, however. What are you to do? For starters, look at your content. Is it original? Is the information genuinely useful? These are two important questions to consider when developing your content. You may also wish to seek an unbiased opinion from friends or colleagues to evaluate your website. For example, would the content make them want to bookmark your website?

Content remains king with Google and is one of the many components that need to carefully evaluated to ensure better performance. If you need some help with this, our Miami Internet marketing services may help you.