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Let’s face it: if your business does not have a mobile-optimized website, you’re essentially hindering your success. Just about everyone has a smartphone or a tablet nowadays and if you’ve ever attempted to view a website designed for a desktop computer, it’s incredibly cumbersome to say the least.

Google itself has been a major supporter of mobile friendly websites and recently announced the release of its new landing page you can use to test how mobile friendly your website is. This tool includes its desktop performance, essentially consolidating what was once two separate tools.

Using the tool, Google will email you a comprehensive report you can then use to discuss any changes or improvements that need to be made with your webmaster or web development team. This report will include a 0 to 100 score to determine your website’s mobile-friendliness, a much more comprehensive assessment than just whether or not it’s mobile friendly.

Mobile friendliness is defined as a customer’s experience quality when visiting your website. This is measured by determining whether your website has buttons that can be tapped, the ease of navigation, and how much of the most important information is available up front and center.

The length of time it takes to load your mobile site is also taken into account. Remember that over eighty percent of customers take only seconds to determine whether to stay on a website and will leave if your website isn’t performing to their standards.

You can test out your website by visiting the following URL: https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com/.

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