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A great website design can represent your business, services, and mission as your 24/7 ambassador. But what matters most is what you do with your website. Your business will grow if you know how to increase the conversion rate of your website, converting leads and views into actual customers. 

Here are four strategies to increase website conversion rates.


You should make it simple for visitors to your website to request more information, make a purchase, or get in touch with the service provider. By including a call to action on your website, you can engage visitors and point them in the right direction for purchasing products or contacting you. These can take the form of “learn more” or “buy now” buttons, or you can send visitors from one page of a website to the contact page in order to submit a form and get more information about the business.

Eye-Catching Headlines

A catchy headline will grab users’ attention right away and keep it there. Find out what search terms people are using online and how to add a playful or creative twist to increase intrigue.

Customer Reviews

People appreciate reading written compliments about a service because it gives them more confidence that buying the product would be wise. If you can, highlight a few recommendations to demonstrate your credibility and range. Understanding the best practices for testimonial use on a website will increase traffic and sales.


Content that is interesting and entertaining to the reader is essential for a high conversion rate, but pictures can often say a thousand words. To truly convey your message and voice, it’s critical to understand which images work best with your website and your target audience.

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