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bingLogoGoogle remains the undisputed king of search engines and it is followed in a distant second place by Microsoft’s venerable Bing. A major difference between Bing and Google is the homepage. Where Google prefers to keep things simple with a white background and an occasional logo doodle to commemorate a historical figure or holiday, Bing’s homepage consists of a daily image with “hotspots” that can be hovered over and typically provide insight into the subject of the image.

Bing is now sprucing things up and making the homepage a bit more interactive by swapping the hotspots for a graduation cap that asks trivia questions related to the image. Answering the question will lead users to a search results page related to the correct answer and a quiz consisting of three questions which can be optionally answered. This quiz is also being featured in Bing’s weekly trends and news. The goal of the new changes and quiz is to provide users some insight, inspiration and learn more about the world.

Besides the new quizzes, Bing also features user polls centered around current events so visitors can learn more about their opinions and thoughts. These surveys have covered everything from the best Mother’s Day gifts to the situation at the Cincinnati Zoo involving the gorilla exhibit.

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