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websiteLaunchHere’s a hypothetical situation: your brand new website redesign is about to make its online debut, full of potential to earn new leads and more customers and yet you’ve neglected to take into account SEO best practices that were used on your previous site. You’ve essentially destroyed your traffic and your organic search rankings because you may have neglected to take into account crucial factors such as changing your page URL without redirecting to the new one.

That example is just one of the many that are often made when launching a newly redesigned website. When it comes to your images for example, it’s important to make sure that they are optimized, especially if they are large images. Mobile versions can take longer to load if your customers are using a cellular connection instead of Wi-FI and considering that you’ll have less than five seconds before a user grows impatient, it’s imperative that you avoid the mistake of having unoptimized images.

You’re likely aware that a successful website is a fusion of unique and informative content across every page that’s targeted to your audience. A new design provides a wonderful opportunity to improve upon content that may not perform as well, but it’s just as crucial that you transfer over any content that’s already giving you strong organic search traffic.

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