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backlinksThere is no disputing how important backlinks are in your SEO efforts, but these should not be considered a highly integral part of your marketing strategy. Focusing heavily on making followed backlinks a priority while overlooking relevance and value can potentially hurt your Internet marketing efforts as you’re essentially shifting attention away from your customers and bottom line.

Links were originally intended as a means of citation. During the early days of the World Wide Web, these links functioned as a means of connecting pieces of information or research to provide a user some reference. Today, the idea remains the same when it comes to digital marketing. Links should be pointing to content that is actually relevant to your topic or to provide an argument or support of whatever is being discussed.

Let’s use scientists as an example. When they’re writing research papers, are they doing it for the purpose of hopefully being cited by another paper? No, their presumed intention is to contribute to the research being presented, providing knowledge and value. This same idea should apply to your marketing strategy: create content that’s engaging and beneficial to your readers and users, not for the potential backlinks.

If you’re curious about Google’s policies regarding link schemes, you can read more information at the following link: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66356?hl=en.

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