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Lately, lots of social media news has hit the internet. Here’s some of the biggest takeaways in social media news:

Twitter is changing things up by adding ads to the top of the Explore tab on their website. These are called Promoted Trend Spotlight ads, and advertisers can buy spots for these ads as part of the Promoted Trend ad campaigns. The first company to test out the Promoted Trend Spotlight ads was Disney. They used the adspace to advertise for their new Christopher Robin film. You can expect other big brands to start using the Promoted Trend Spotlight ads.

Facebook will start testing a “Highlights” feature that lets users save their old Facebook Stories to their Facebook profiles. Stories usually disappear after 24 hours. Saving Stories will make it easier for people to express who they are and what memories are most important to them.

Snapchat has partnered with four news-focused organizations Storyful, NewsWhip, SAM Desk, and Tagboard to help make news more widely distributed. They’ll be using the Snapchat Story API to put public Snapchat Stories on websites. The organizations will distribute news that’s been posted inside the app, for example news from the New York Times, the Washington Post, and NBC News. Snapchat is trying to extend their reach outside of the app.

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