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GoogleWhether you have a $50 budget or a $50 million budget, there are some core campaigns that should always be running that have guaranteed ROI. These campaigns are largely branding, but can also include highly targeted traffic and modest budgets to boost the effectiveness of social media. Here are core campaigns everyone should be running.

1. Branding in the Search and Display Market.You may assume that those searching for you on search engines or looking up information about you on the web are finding the right sources, but that’s not always the case. For a very reasonable advertising budget, you can ensure that those searching for you end up at the best possible place for you to do business with them. Advertising on search engines and in display networks allows you to reach out to users who are looking for you on the web.

2. Remarketing and Hypertargeting. It’s a surprising fact that 50% of the users that go to your site will likely leave right away. Remarketing allows you to try and retrieve those hard fought visitors and send them messages that may change their mind about your company. Also, Google Analytics allows website owners to breakdown the demographics of their visitors in ways that mean a very reasonable display campaign can be created in search engine advertising and/or social media advertising that would have nearly guaranteed ROI.

3. Social Media Supplemental Campaigns. One of the most time consuming marketing tasks is updating social media. Some businesses update their social media platforms daily while others update multiple times a day. If that network isn’t also growing daily, the constant updates really aren’t doing much. For a reasonable budget, companies can grow their following and make their constant efforts pay off.

The amount you should spend on the above campaigns really depends on your brand and ultimate goals. If you have a very popular brand, your campaigns will cost more but also yield more. These campaigns are not limited to the tech savvy, or aggressive marketers. These campaigns should be running for any business that hopes to be successful on the web.

If you have any questions about getting your core campaigns up-and-running. Contact our team of Miami Internet Marketing specialist today.