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Acquisition Overview   Google AnalyticsPrior to giving advice on digital marketing with a small budget, it’s important to note that ROI online is similar to ROI offline – it takes money to make money. There’s often a mythology about the web that with $250 you can be the next Google…it’s just not true. However, if you have a limited budget – there are definitely ways you can set yourself on the right track, prove the concept of your business and setup your company for the next step of re-investment.

If you have $250 to spend on marketing a month – you’ll want to diversify your investment in a way that generates traffic, retains customers or clients and proves the concept of your business. Here are some good tips to get started.

Get a 3rd Party e-Mail Service: Many services like Constant Contact, Mail Chimp and more will provide free trials for their 3rd Party e-Mail software. After the free-trial it’s typically only $30-a-month for low volume e-mail campaigns. Building an e-mail list is crucial to be able to serve promotions and information throughout your network. An e-Mail list becomes a growing asset for your business – so obtaining 50 to 100 new e-mails a month through promotion will build to a substantial list over time.

Advertise on Search Engine: Search engines provide performance based advertising. So every time someone clicks on your site – you’ll pay for that click (hence the name Pay-Per-Click) While your budget may be limited – search engines allow you to target based on exact keyword phrases and even isolate zip codes to ensure you are driving traffic from your target market. Allocating a majority of your budget to this will allow you to drive targeted traffic that can turn into business.

Invest in Social Media Following: This may seem crazy to do with such a low budget – but small budget marketing means you need to get the most out of your ad spend. Paying money to get followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more allow you to serve multiple messages to potential clients instead of just single impression and click.

Invest Carefully in the Display Network: Display marketing is relatively low-cost traffic based on ads that show on websites that have agreed to carry ad space. This traffic is typically low converting, but with the right targeted advertising – you can develop a list of websites that will be main targets for you in future marketing.

The beauty of the web is you can develop a comprehensive strategy on a small budget. You need to be careful in your spending and closely observe your campaigns – but ultimately this can help you get the next level where ROI is greater. For more information on this and other Miami internet marketing strategies – contact us at 305-710-3322 .