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adwordsFor over a decade, Google stuck firmly to its 25-35-35 character rule for Adwords text ads. Back in May however, the search engine giant sent shockwaves when it decided to change things up and increase the character count to 30-30-80, allowing for 45 additional characters. These changes were rolled out late last month, allowing for a pair of headlines of up to 30 characters and one condensed description line with up to 80 characters.

The question now becomes: what do you do with those 45 extra characters?

Although it now allows for a richer ad body, the major draw is the headline. Instead of being forced to use something like “Smartphones on Sale”, you can elaborate it on that a little more and add something like “Smartphones on Sale – Free Shipping, Simple Returns”. It sounds significantly more appealing, doesn’t it? Remember that those attention grabbing, blue headlines will play a role in whether someone bothers to read your ad body text.

You don’t want to just throw in a second headline just because you can. Take the time to evaluate the ad to determine something that will help you make a better connection with your prospective customers and provide greater insight. It’s not easy to establish a connection with someone through an ad, but the increased character limits can make it potentially easier.

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