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We’ve got plenty of interesting tidbits of news to report during this last week of June. Let’s see what’s going on.

Perhaps the biggest news of the day is Google’s decision to rebrand its advertising software, doing away with its longtime name of Google AdWords its had for more than fifteen years. Beginning on the 24th of next month, the service will simply be called Google Ads. This new Google Ads initiative will serve as something of a “front door” so users can purchase ads to be shown on Google’s search results as well as its other properties such as the Play Store and YouTube. (https://www.cnbc.com/2018/06/27/googles-adwords-and-doubleclick-have-been-rebranded-and-reorganized.html)

The never-ending competition among Google, Microsoft, and Apple continues as Redmond recently dipped its toes into the world of delivering users the latest news. Simply dubbed Microsoft News, the app uses a fusion of algorithms, publisher partnerships, and content curated by humans to deliver users the latest happenings. Aside from that, it doesn’t seem to deliver anything notably distinct from Google and Apple’s offerings. (https://is.gd/jiOrpQ)

Last month, the popular call analytics and tracking software CallRail launched a new keyword indicator feature that keeps track of certain words during a conversation. This includes when they were said, how often they were said, and who said them. The new feature is presented as a time saving way to create better business strategy opportunities. (https://is.gd/gGGKik)

Enjoy this last weekend of June, everyone! If you have questions about Miami Internet Marketing, hit us up!