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The marketing landscape remains as perennially hot as these South Florida temperatures. Let’s explore some of the recent highlights making the news.

Google is once again keeping everyone on their toes after introducing another search engine algorithm update it has dubbed the Medic Update. As its name alludes to, it appears the bulk of the changes will affect websites based on medical and health information and what are called “Your Money Your Life” websites which concentrate on money and life events, such as your financial institution website for instance. https://searchengineland.com/googles-august-first-core-algorithm-update-who-did-it-impact-and-how-much-303538

It doesn’t get the same amount of attention as Google does, but Microsoft’s Bing continues its quest as the underdog seeing ongoing growth. It recently introduced changes to its basic search by making the results more informative. For example, doing a simple mobile search for something like “movies” will yield results of films currently playing in the local area. In Bing’s case, it’s taking such basic searches one step further by also providing links to movies on popular streaming sites like Amazon and Netflix.https://searchengineland.com/how-bing-is-enhancing-search-and-apparently-growing-as-a-result-303331

As always, any questions you may have about Miami Internet marketing, we’ll be happy to address those for you. Have a great weekend and stay cool!