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As COVID-19 continues to make life harder for small businesses, Facebook is looking to do what it can by assisting these businesses in staying afloat and making money. After the debut of Facebook Shops to help businesses sell their products online, the company is now launching a new product dubbed “paid online events”.

Currently free, paid online events are aimed at helping businesses as well as publishers and creators in setting up paid events or classes available online, much like its name suggests. These businesses and creators get to keep all of the revenue they earn except for iOS due to Apple’s App Store policy where it takes a thirty percent cut. The product includes extras like ticket sales, promotion, and payment processing.

Upon creating an event, it can be promoted to organic followers or via Facebook’s ads platform. All payments are also collected through Facebook. To determine whether businesses qualify, they will need to visit the following link:https://business.facebook.com/creatorstudio/?mode=facebook&tab=monetization_home&collection_id=all_pages.

This latest product may present a fantastic way to connect with your customers and followers and earn some money, increasing your exposure and potentially boosting your marketing.

Speaking marketing, should you need some help with your Miami Internet marketing, we’d love to develop a strategy for you.