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It’s that time of year again when we are bombarded with messages from career politicians, bloviating entrepreneurs and a ravenous 24-hour mainstream media reporting every second – that’s right the Presidential Election is in full swing. Despite Gallup, Fox News, MSNBC and CNN polls – we at Corey Consulting only pay attention to one metric – and that’s Google search trends. So, who is currently in the lead and what issues are most important to voters in the 2016 Presidential Election – the results are in – check below:

Democrat Ticket: Most early polling is all but handing the Democratic Primary to Hillary Clinton, but in terms of of Google popularity – she is losing to Bernie Sanders. That’s right, Hillary is currently sitting at 1.7 million searches in June and Bernie Sanders is leading the pack with 2 Million Searches. Interestingly, Bernie Sanders only had 100,000 searches in March compared to Hillary’s 1.9 Million. This is a true Google comeback story.

Republican Ticket: The primary is fierce but there is one clear frontrunner in terms of Google traffic. You guessed it – Donald Trump currently leads the pack with 6.3 Million Searches In June. That number jumped from the May where he only received 658,900 searches. A distant second was Jeb Bush with an impressive yet ultimately inadequate search volume of 368,000 searches in June.

Issues: Candidates aren’t the only thing discussed during big national elections – issues are also on the table. At the bottom of the list are: #6 Health Care, #7 Gun Control, #8 Climate Change, #9 Foreign Policy and sadly #10 Environment. The #1 Issue being searched on the web is Immigration followed by Education, Same-Sex Marriage, Taxes and The Economy.

If Google were to stand as is – Donald Trump would be the 45th President of the United States.

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