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Among the most important things we do every day that most of us are not doing enough is having enough sleep hours. Essential to maintaining a healthy body and mind, there are several important factors involved in a good night’s sleep and the bed is among the most important. A supportive mattress providing support and ventilation is essential to waking up feeling rested versus still feeling tired despite sleeping at least seven to eight hours.

Brickell Mattress is aware of the importance of sleeping on a good mattress. Found in the “Magic City” of Miami, the store sells an extensive variety of premium handmade mattresses by some of the world’s finest names like Swedish manufacturer Hästens and English bed company Vispring. These are beds found on cruise ships and used by celebrities and royalty, renowned for the exceptional sleep quality they provide.

In contrast to many stores that hire staff given basic instructions on what mattresses are all about, Brickell Mattress knows the nuances and value of luxury bedding thoroughly. Its sleep specialists have years of experience working in the mattress industry, are bilingual, and are qualified to provide consumers seeking to upgrade their sleep quality. The shop is set up to be a welcoming environment and customers can also check out the Hästens Vividus room, showcasing one of the best mattresses in the world.

For additional information on Brickell Mattress, please visit https://www.brickellmattress.com or check out the store found at 1030 8th Street in Miami.