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South Florida has earned a dubious reputation for having some of the country’s worst and most aggressive drivers. It’s not unusual to read about someone being arrested for driving under the influence, and receiving a ticket for DUI or other traffic offenses such as speeding, are all common occurrences. Even responsible drivers that follow the traffic laws and drive safely receive a ticket for offenses such as allegedly running a red light.

The law offices of Hochman & Goldin, P.A. have helped countless South Florida drivers with their legal representation when they are charged with traffic violations. Comprised of attorneys Scott Hochman and Sunny Goldin, the pair have been practicing law for more than two decades and they have handled hundreds of thousands of traffic citations. As Miami traffic ticket lawyers, they have assisted with tickets such as speeding and civil traffic, criminal traffic violations, sealing and expunging, and red light camera violations.

Did you know that paying a ticket is considered an automatic admission of guilt? If you’ve received a traffic ticket you wish to fight, getting started with Hochman & Goldin is easy. Simply visit their website and upload your ticket which will be reviewed by an attorney. You can also call 305-665-1000 for more information.