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The history of skateboards dates back as far as the 1940s when they were made of wooden boxes and boards using roller skate wheels. The sport of skateboarding is believed to have originated in California when surfers sought to engage in “sidewalk surfing”.

Since then, skateboarding is ingrained in our culture, and thanks to the 1986 skateboarding cult classic Thrashin’ as well names like Tony Hawk, its popularity has skyrocketed. Ask any avid skateboarder, and they’ll likely speak passionately about how much they enjoy the sport.

The skateboard itself not only allows someone to perform incredible tricks, for many, but the skateboard also becomes part of who they are. Drip Drop Boards takes this approach to create beach boards that fuse style, performance, and stand out. Each of the beach boards in the collection has been handcrafted in Miami using the creative talents of artist Daniel Rodriguez. The boards are made from hard exotic wood along with premium trucks, bearings, and wheels. With three different categories of boards to choose from, each board is a work of art that also delivers the utmost performance.

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