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As people age, the body may begin to show signs of aging in different ways. For example, men and women may begin to feel the effects of menopause and andropause, respectively. This can lead to a host of issues such as increased lethargy. On the other hand, a person may begin to see more wrinkles, leading to poor body image and becoming self-conscious.

The above examples are two of the many scenarios the family medicine Miami clinic PMN Health and Wellness has dedicated itself to addressing. Spearheaded by Dr. Peter Martinez-Noda, D.O., the clinic offers patients a host of services all centered around improving a patient’s health and quality of life. Botox, hormone replacement therapy, weight management, the comprehensive assortment of services are all delivered with the utmost care and professionalism.

Dr. Peter Martinez-Noda is an osteopathic doctor who specializes in programs that allow men and women to attain optimal health and well-being of the body. He also stresses helping patients recover their youth’s passion and vitality.

A perennial knowledge seeker himself, he frequently attends classes in homeopathic medicine, bioidentical hormone training, and anti-aging and well-being educational workshops. Numerous students have joined his team to learn from his experience, and for more than two decades, he has served as a mentor to young doctors in the area of pediatrics and general medicine.

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