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SEO is like playing a game of UNO. Patterns change at the flip of a card. Yet, if you don’t understand the rules, all those cards in your hands are about as useful as bookmarks, especially in an internet world. As a Miami internet marketing company, we spend our days shuffling through all the newest patterns and trends, so that we can quickly adapt and respond for our clients. Here are a few simple tips to up your own SEO game:

  1. Long Live the Content

That’s right, content is still the king of the castle when it comes to SEO. Yet, one of the biggest mistakes businesses make is focusing more on keywords than the content itself. There is no substitute for content. Not even applesauce can do the trick. Instead, think of keywords as grapes feeding a King, that being your content. 

  1. Dust Off Those Binoculars

Sure, no one may have binoculars sitting around in their closets anymore, but we all still have competitors. Being aware of them, and their strategies in particular, is a sure way to help your business grow. Seeing why a competitor constantly ranks atop search engines will help your business get out from behind the bushes. 

  1. Think Smaller, Literally

Mobile devices might as well be gorilla glued to our hands these days. And though 4 out of 5 doctors don’t recommend it, we do advise optimizing your site for mobile users. More and more consumers are searching via their mobile hands. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, consumers will quickly bounce from your site faster than you can say SEO!    

*note: CoreyConsulting is not a doctor.

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