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Organic Cell Regenerative Medicine is leading the clinical stage of biopharmaceuticals and regenerative medicines. They have recently completed the beginning phases of the clinical trial for Zofin™, an investigational new drug (IND) to help patients suffering from COVID-19. The trial is currently being held at the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, TX. 

The new regenerative medicine treatment is still undergoing its trial, but Organicell is committed to completing the FDA-approved clinical trials in order to create an FDA-approved treatment option for those impacted by COVID-19.

The studies conducted demonstrate the first use of human perinatal-derived nanoparticle biologics as a safe and effective therapeutic treatment for acute respiratory distress syndrome, something many patients with COVID-19 unfortunately develop. 

Zofin™ may be beneficial as not only a therapeutic for COVID-19 but may also act as a preventative for infection. 

The company has gone through extensive molecular characterization of the therapeutic properties and has discovered that many elements may help boost the immune system response. This is crucial as it may decrease viral proliferation and prevent infection severity. 

Organicell is based in Southern Florida and is a publicly-traded biotechnology company. Their commitment to research and development, as well as the manufacturing of new public medicine, helps them focus on current and potential regenerative therapeutics. 

Their mission? 

“Our mission is to transform regenerative medicine through the development of novel nanotechnologies and to become the health care incubator for the next generation of biologic medicines.”

You can read more about Organicell and Zofin™ at: https://organicell.com/.