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For those of you that call South Florida home, you’re likely aware of just how essential it is to have a vehicle if you want to get around easily. There may come a moment when despite being a great driver. The driver may receive a ticket. Receiving a ticket means choosing to pay the fine or arguing it in court with the intention of the ticket being. Should you choose the latter, you may end needing legal help to effectively argue your case. This is where our client, the firm of Hochman & Goldin can come in handy.

The law firm of Hochman & Goldin provides legal representation to individuals that may have been charged with various traffic violations in South Florida, including Miami-Dade and Broward County. The team is made up of Scott Hochman and Sunny Goldin who collectively have decades of experience working with various clients and have taken care of hundreds of thousands of traffic citations.

Hochman & Goldin can assist clients with fighting speeding and civil traffic tickets, criminal traffic violations, seal and expunge criminal cases, Sunpass or toll by plate violations, and red light camera violations. Should you wish to speak to a Miami traffic attorney at Hochman & Goldin to discuss your case, call 305-665-1000. You can also visit the website at http://hochmanandgoldin.com to submit your traffic violation/citation for review by one of the attorneys.