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Okay, so I’m guilty of “Click Baiting” on this title – however – the prospect of making millions is entirely within reach for campaigns with the right budget, metrics tracking and goals. In this article, we’ll layout the framework for how to become the next AdWords Millionaire.

Note: AdWords is the performance-based advertising platform offered by Google.

#1 What are you selling? This area has the least to do with internet marketing but is very important. Is your product or service competitive in the market based on quality, price and reputation? These questions should be answered before a campaign is created.

#2 Know Your Numbers – The most important number to know in any campaigns is your target CPA (Cost-Per-Acquisition). How much can you afford to spend in advertising to generate a sale or lead while still maintaining profit? Without knowing your target CPA, the campaign cannot be optimized to achieve the best results.

#3 Budget for Success – Sustainable budgets are key to advertising with Google AdWords. Campaigns require consistent optimization which will increase results over time. The first month of a PPC campaign rarely produces the same results as the next. Performance gets better over time so advertisers need to be prepared to be in it for the long run.

#4 Scale Up – Once an acceptable CPA has accomplished, you can scale up your campaigns to target the entire market share. This can result in reaching your target revenue or higher depending on your target market.

#5 Consult with Experts – Many AdWords Users are non-certified and self-taught. If you are serious about making millions on the web, you should consult an AdWords Specialist. You are in luck – Corey Consulting builds some of the leading PPC Miami AdWords campaigns on the web. For more information on AdWords – Contact us today.