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advertisingAdvertising campaigns need to be looked realistically by small businesses.  Unlike larger companies, small businesses and startups are seeking low cost yet effective solutions, but often these two tend be mutually exclusive.  This is why it’s essential to properly budget your money and assign the amounts to the areas that can help you achieve the best results.

You can start by properly identifying your target audience.  Especially with the advantages of online advertising, it’s imperative that small businesses run adequately targeted campaigns. Identifying your clientele and researching demographics can yield more customers when running campaigns. Whether you’re advertising online or through traditional mediums, it’s also important that your imagery and copy are a reflection of the type of clients you’re looking to work with.

Speaking of imagery and copy, can you make sure that your ads properly reflect your business?  Do the color choices, logos, and typefaces all capture your unique identity?  If it seems absurd, consider that many companies can be identified with just their particular use of colors.  Effective branding means that over time as you establish a one-of-a-kind identity, your customers will begin to respond to your ad layouts. Brand effectively and stick to your image to help you build a loyal customer base.

Know where to spend your advertising money.  Though you may be an avid follower of a particular radio show, it doesn’t mean your customers will also like it, advertising through this medium will only be a waste of money and resources.  Know your customers and get to know them like their preferred websites, their favorite magazines or podcasts they may be into, for example.