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When you search for anything on Google, chances are you’ve experienced the frustration of being presented with no relevant results at least once. The search giant is now looking to assist with this by introducing a new message aimed at making this rarely seen message a thing of the past.

Should you happen to search for something that has no relevant results, Google will instead present you with a message suggesting ways to switch up what you searched for to potentially receive better results. The suggestions may not be as accurate or effective as Google’s typically spot-on results but they may help in a pinch or as a way to tweak the query. This may, however, be beneficial for the increase in searches relevant to COVID-19. As information and suggestions are constantly changing around COVID-19, search results might not be available.

How does this affect your business? If this message is popping up when customers are searching for your keywords or phrases, it may be an indicator that you should consider tweaking your strategy. Perhaps more content needs to be developed around the keyword, for example.

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