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Reviews are the lifeblood of most businesses, and a single negative review can have deep, negative repercussions on sales, clients, and image. With the easy ability for disgruntled clients and customers to write reviews, keeping tabs on those that may be inaccurate or spitefully and intentionally damaging is essential. A single poor review can spiral out of control, regardless of whether or not it’s valid or justified.

Google seemingly understands and recently unveiled a new Google My Business product tool aimed at making review management much easier. Recent reviews can be easily viewed in a single place and it’s easy to check the status of any reviews that may have been reported or to report a new one that needs to be taken down. Furthermore, the tool allows submission of an appeal if a takedown request is denied.

There appear to be some restrictions in place regarding the review tool. Businesses that have a large number of listings may receive a message stating that due to the number of managed business profiles, the process is unavailable.

Google My Business is one of the tools we use and manage for you as part of our Miami Internet marketing strategies. Contact us today if you have any questions about marketing or managing your online reputation effectively.