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Some of the most interesting places to shop are those smaller stores that remain something of a best-kept secret and sell lots of cool products that go under the radar for a great price. Whether it’s stumbling upon something that was once a fad that you had forgotten existed, some fun socks to wear, or something that ends up being useful and fun, Thrifty Dolphin has it all.

As an independent online accessories retailer focused on high quality and great prices on hot items, Thrifty Dolphin is one of the coolest stores on the Internet. The retailer remains firm in its belief that outstanding products don’t have to carry expensive price tags. It frequently scours markets across several industries to find customers the best deals.

Taking a quick browse through the Thrifty Dolphin website reveals a wealth of distinct products, ranging from useful to fun. Snag a pair of baby knee pad protectors for just $5.99 or yoga pants with a pocket for the cell phone. Customers who were raised during the 90s may recognize the Tamagotchi, the digital pet that managed to sell millions.

Another reason to shop Thrifty Dolphin? They’ll ship your product for free virtually anywhere in the world.