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When all of the parts of the body are working in tip-top shape, we feel great and our outlook on life improves. Of course, this takes work. From consuming healthy foods to exercising regularly, it takes effort and drives.

Part of being healthy means also focusing on oral health, which is often overlooked. A regular visit to your dentist for a checkup and cleaning plays a bigger role in your overall than you may think. While most people will likely go to a licensed, professional dentist, one option they may not consider is holistic dentistry.

Holistic dentistry differs in several ways from traditional dentistry. For starters, holistic dentists try to avoid the use of crowns or drills so the teeth remain natural and intact as possible. If a filling is indeed necessary, non-toxic material is strictly utilized. Holistic dentists also try and stay away from x-rays and wisdom teeth remain intact unless it is absolutely necessary to remove them.

Doctor Ted Herrmann is a holistic Miami dentist to Assure a Smile, the city’s longest-tenured holistic dental practice. Assure a Smile believes in helping patients to look and feel their best through a holistic application of dentistry that focuses on oral health as well as total body health. Doctor Herrmann and his team offer the option of using all biocompatible and natural treatment methods.

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