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Water is one of the world’s most important resources. As it is essential for life, the conservation of water is essential to ensure this resource remains abundant. As cities and towns grow in population, there is a greater need and demand for consumption, which means water utilities need to properly keep track of the usage of water among residents as well as ensuring water flow remains abundant. One way to do this is by using water and liquid metering solutions to keep track of this resource.

Since 1977, The Avanti Company has been servicing the Florida measurement and control market. The company provides engineered products for a broad array of conditions, including water meters to accurately keep track of its use. The equipment is of optimum quality and if any issues arise, the company has built a solid reputation by backing up its sales with in-house service capability to provide on-the-spot correction. The company continues to uphold its policy of helping everyone it can and helping people find an effective solution.

The Avanti Company is based in Avon Park, Florida, at the center of the state, about an hour south of the city of Orlando. The company’s name comes from the Italian word for “Go Forward” while the dove is used to symbolize the “Peace” and the “Holy Spirit”.

To learn more about The Avanti Company and it flow meter solutions, please visit https://avanticompany.com or call 800-284-531.