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Robert V GlaserThere is a common saying that says “it is better to give than to receive.” An individual who understands that quite well is Robert V. Glaser. When he isn’t working on his successful investments, he has found time to travel abroad as well as give back to the community through several charitable efforts.

Robert Glaser hails from Rochester, New York, Glaser and his career in banking, private equity, international business, and finance speaks for itself. With experience spanning more than forty years, has traveled extensively including to places like Europe and the Middle East, In fact, Glaser spent a couple of years living in the Middle East and he has been to more than thirty countries during his lifetime. His career includes working for The Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A. and he spent a number of years with Investcorp, raising more than $2 billion from clients.

Glaser’s charitable efforts are focused largely in the Miami area. Back in 2001, he spearheaded the creation of the Mary Louise Bates Scholarship Program, honoring his mother who instilled in him many values including the importance of hard work. Glaser also had a role in the creation of The Peter S. Castle Foundation, named after his late close friend and former high school classmate.

You can learn more about Robert V Glaser’s charities as well as the man himself by visiting the Robert V Glaser Giving website.