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jeeplogoThere are road trips and then there are trips where traditional paved roads are a little harder to come by. Of course, we’re talking about off-roading, a thrilling pastime. The country is full of places that are ideal for exploring the scenery, getting away from the beaten path, and discovering some spectacular sights while getting a little dirty.

One of the best places to enjoy these experiences is in Colorado, in Ouray to be exact. Our client Ouray Mountain Adventures provides Ouray Jeep rentals for visitors and locals seeking to explore the incredible Rocky Mountains and the town’s astonishingly rich history which includes ghost towns and historic mining areas. Customers can choose from three different vehicles and they are given a map that includes suggested routes. Experienced off-roading enthusiasts are free to explore the routes or drive through the numerous trails found in or near Ouray.

If you’re curious about off-roading and plan on visiting Colorado in the near future, definitely consider Ouray Mountain Adventures. Call 888.919.3256 for more information or visit http://ouraymountainadventures.com to learn more about rates, policies, and reservation information. Have fun!