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When you’re considering buying a new PC, are you the type of shopper who prefers to go to the local electronics store and see what models are available? Maybe you’re the type who likes to build your own PC from scratch with the exact components necessary to fit your needs. If you’re among these people, you may have some degree of familiarity with ORIGIN PC.

A manufacturer of custom computers, ORIGIN PC is a major player in the custom PC market, founded by former Alienware employees. Its powerful gaming computers have received rave reviews from major publications and websites like CNET, The Verge, PC Magazine, and many more. In addition to gaming desktops and laptops, the company also has a broad selection of laptops and desktops aimed at professionals. These sophisticated machines are designed to handle the demanding power of heavy duty tasks such as 3D graphics rendering, the increasingly prevalent 4K video, and audio production, to name a few. Customers can also heavily customize their PC with unique color schemes.

Each month, ORIGIN PC runs a different promotion, typically centered around a certain theme. If you’re interested, make sure to visit https://www.originpc.com or call 1-877-674-4460 to order your own custom solution for your gaming or professional production needs.