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The healthcare industry continues to rapidly advance and people are living longer these days thanks to ongoing research and cutting-edge treatments. With such a vast world of options available, one of the trickiest steps in receiving treatment for what ails you is determining the right care provider, especially for international patients. With multiple specialists looking to help patients, it can be downright overwhelming and confusing for international patients to find the right care.

For more than twenty years and counting, healthcare and wellness advisor Nancy Valenzuela has provided solutions for international patients. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of South Florida and is also certified in International Healthcare Management from Harvard University.

Nancy continues to work with international patients in navigating healthcare systems, aeromedical transportation services, and wellness in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean as well as in Latin America. Among her many goals when working with patients and families, Nancy aims to ease the process of choosing the right clinicians, obtaining quality care, clarifying benefits coverage, and the importance of living a healthier lifestyle. She guides international patients through healthcare decision-making, more efficient and cost-effective use of healthcare services for the purpose of achieving greater levels of success and the best clinical outcomes.