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Chances are you’ve probably been told at some point in your life the importance of practicing proper posture. As one of the many important parts of the body, maintaining a healthy posture means also having a healthier spine. A healthy spine is essential to living a better quality of life, especially as we age and the chances of developing back problems become more prevalent.

When it comes to spinal surgery, Cantor Spine has been thinking outside the box by adopting a more intuitive approach using minimally invasive surgical techniques. Spearheaded by Dr. Jeffrey Cantor, the Cantor Spine Institute uses innovative ultrasonic bone “sculpting” tools to do what traditional surgical tools and lasers cannot. The technology can make tiny, precise incisions in the spine to isolate and dissolve bone spurs without causing damage to the spine’s intricate structure or mechanics. Because the structure of the spine is unaffected, it does not require rebuilding with screws, rods, and spinal fusions.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Cantor Spine Institute and how ultrasonic spinal surgery can help you, you can give them a call at 954-567-1332 to schedule a free MRI review or you can visit the location in Fort Lauderdale. The address is 3000 Bayview Drive.