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Few sports are as colorful and intense as “futbol”, or as we like to call it here in the United States, soccer. From fans painting themselves in the colors of their favorite team or native country’s flag to the fever pitch when a player scores a goal, soccer maintains a strong passion among fans and players alike.

We’re massive fans of the sport of soccer, and one of the teams we’re highly supportive of is Miami Football Club, better known as Miami FC, the Magic City’s only professional soccer club. Last year the team officially began to play in the North American Soccer League and it currently plays its home games in one of the world-class stadiums of Miami. Miami FC strives to connect the city’s communities through the universal language of soccer, boosting ties via the promotion of social-driven initiatives and performing charitable work.

The people of Miami maintain a fervent fascination for the sport of soccer, and one of its biggest fans is Miami FC Artist Ambassador Courtney Einhorn. The talented artist seeks to connect her passion and love of soccer and art. We encourage you to check out the awesome video featuring Ms. Einhorn over on the Miami FC Facebook page.

Miami FC will be playing its season opening games tomorrow at FIU Stadium against the New York Cosmos. We hope to see you there! #VamosMiami