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The New Year is fast approaching, and businesses of all types will be reevaluating their websites for optimization. One important element of website design is the use of Call To Action (CTA) buttons – buttons that clearly indicate the action a customer must take next. If strategically placed, CTA buttons can be especially powerful in guiding users through the marketing funnel and increasing conversions. 

CTAs give web visitors immediate access to the next step, whether that’s a sign-up form, product purchase, or a subscription. If users can’t find the next step or don’t know it, they will eventually get lost and exit the page. A well-designed CTA button can draw users’ attention and guide them towards the desired action on your site.  

When designing your CTA, use specific, active language that is clearly defined and easy to understand. The goal is to make it as simple as possible for users to move through the pages – you want to encourage clicks with action-oriented statements.  Make sure that the CTA is a standout element on the page – that it stands out from the rest of the content with a larger font size or bold font color. You also want to make sure the CTA is above the fold. 

In addition to design, where the CTA button is placed is important. To increase engagement and lead users to the product page, pop-ups or corner bars are advantageous. Pop-up CTA buttons can also be used to offer discounts or encourage sign-ups. As users move down the page, use visual hierarchy, such as arrows, whitespaces, and colored box patterns to invite further engagement. For example, an arrow on a box may encourage users to click on the CTA and visit another page. 

Using CTA buttons can also increase customer trust. Delivering users to a new landing page helps them understand what they gain from taking the prescribed action. Adding details, such as a title, image, body copy, and reviews from customers, can extend trust and create a sale. 

When used effectively, CTAbuttons encourage visitors to move further through your website. A CTA button can lead visitors to complete a purchase, subscribe to a service, or join an online community. Businesses should be mindful in how their CTA’s are designed and placed on the page to both effectively guide and encourage visitors to contribute or make a purchase. 

The New Year is the perfect time to evaluate the design of your website to make sure it is maximized to its full potential. Placing well designed ’Call to Action’ (CTA) buttons optimally and designing them in a distinctive manner increases user engagement and can ultimately lead to conversions. Carefully evaluating the website design and analyzing the significance of the strategic positioning and design of CTA buttons should be a top priority in 2024.

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