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Happy holidays! As the holiday season brings us closer to the end of the year, we business owners must start thinking about our 2024 marketing plans and strategies. Without a proper online presence, an organization risks getting lost in the shuffle of competitors that have capitalized on digital marketing channels. Whether it’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising, online visibility will help you stay competitive and meet or surpass goals set for the year.

Let’s take a closer look at these two methods and compare the advantages and limitations of PPC vs. SEO.

PPC & AdWords

The biggest benefit of PPC advertising is the immediacy of results that can be achieved with a well-thought-out PPC strategy. With targeted ad placement through Google Adwords, entrepreneurs and business owners can establish a presence within highly visible and searched-for web spaces in a very short time, reaching prospects at the exact moment they’re in the market for a business’s services. PPC campaigns also have the potential to generate other important data, like lead volume, conversions, and acquisition costs to ensure campaigns are optimized for efficiency. Setting up a successful ad presence also takes minimal time, resources, and effort since the platforms offers on-site software to manage every step of the process.

However, not all PPC is created equal. Without proper monitoring for clicks, impressions, and bid structure, PPC campaigns can quickly become budget-malnourished. There is also sometimes the necessity of increasing bids to stay pertinently placed amongst competitive web spaces, which can lower click-through percentage benchmarks.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO, on the other hand, does not require cost-per-click budget expenses. Investing in well-crafted content with associated keywords still must be done to be effective. From social media outreach to link building and anchor text campaigns, the real “magic” of SEO lies in the campaigns capacity to increase organic traffic by appearing higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and other competitive web spaces like news sources and directories that devote resources to ranking web pages as an authority within a certain topic.

Unfortunately, organic search often takes patience to see results. SEO requires a detailed knowledge of titles, meta content, web structure, semantic search, proper Google search console implementation double-valuation, and more that are considered integral parts of datasets and algorithms such as Google’s “Hummingbird.” It takes time to achieve higher SERP rankings and organic traffic.


SEO and PPC are very different online marketing techniques. For established organizations with budgets and time to invest, a combined SEO and PPC strategy is a great way to stay competitive. Think of SEO as a long-term investment strategy, while PPC advertising is method of garnering immediate returns. Covid-19 taught us many things from utilizing grant resources to realizing how much traffic and revenue could be diverted online. 2024 is the perfect opportunity to hone the skills acquired this past year and combine trustworthy timing with tactical strategy.

If you need help with your 2024 online marketing plan, Corey Consulting is here! We are an innovative small business Miami internet marketing company that focuses on creating solutions for business owners in the vast and complicated world of internet marketing. At Corey Consulting, we can make sure you maximize ROI with a tailored PPC strategy to meet your business goals. Happy holidays!