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A longtime favorite dessert many of us have enjoyed for decades ice cream. The dessert has received some unique spins, such as Dippin’ Dots, which uses a liquid nitrogen mix and is typically found in places like shopping malls, theme parks, and more.

Chances are you’ve probably been to a liquid nitrogen ice cream parlor here in South Florida. If so, the nitrogen may have been provided by VS Carbonics, a Florida specialty gas supplier based in Miami. The family-owned and operated independent business has supplied certified pure, food and beverage grade products like liquid nitrogen as well as Co2, gas blends, dry ice, and more to many businesses and industries for years.

Whether it’s serving your customers a unique, creamier blend of ice cream, ensuring your fruit stays fresh, storing food, or keeping drinks nice and fizzy at the bar, VS Carbonics provides a robust array of solutions. Use the dry ice to add some unique effects to your next event like a concert or a memorable wedding reception.