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Years ago social media marketing was viewed as something of a bonus – something you included if you had left over time or money. Today though, it is impossible to ignore the powerful impact social media has on marketing success. As more businesses recognize the effectiveness of social media and dedicate more resources to it, the landscape of social media advertising has changed dramatically. So what are the latest trends and tactics you need to be aware of to ensure success?

The first trend in social media advertising is increased use of collaborative campaigns. This is when brands partner up to leverage each other’s reach and marketing power to launch a joint campaign. These collaborations often drive mutually beneficial results in terms of both increased sales and enhanced brand recognition.

The second trend is integration of multiple channels. Gone are the days when it was enough to work solely on the reach of one platform like Instagram or Facebook. Today, successful campaigns often go beyond these single channels to employ multiple channels including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and even traditionally print or TV based media. 

The third trend is the increased use of virtual assistants and automated solutions. It is now possible to schedule campaigns and set parameters to help optimize spend and target customers with the help of virtual assistants and automated technology. This can save an incredible amount of time and help brands target the right customers more effectively. 

Finally, there is the increased use of data-driven marketing. With the advent of Big Data, businesses have access to an incredible amount of information about customers that can be used for more informed decision making in advertising campaigns.

To get the most out of social media advertising there are several tips you should keep in mind. First, it is important to use creative, compelling content to grab attention. Visuals, videos, and animations all work very well as does high quality text advertising. It’s also vital to stay active on social media. Dedicate resources to responding to customer queries or engaging in conversations – it can help create a loyal following. Finally, as mentioned earlier, make sure to leverage all stock and resources available to create truly optimized campaigns. 

Social media advertising continues to evolve and change as technology and consumer behaviour changes. By staying informed of the latest trends and applying practical advice to campaigns such as creative content creation and use of predictive technology, brands can enjoy great success in their social media advertising. With the help of a professional social media management team, your business can make the most of all the opportunities social media can offer.

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